We have created a fun way to help children develop skills to build a strong friendship, encouraging them to express their feelings, discuss their differences and resolve them in a constructive way .... its run on a voluntary basis it's a gift for life ..... How about sharing it with your friends ?


The feeling set of cards help us connect to our feelings and share them with friends & people we trust … the cards help us start the beautiful process of connecting to the people we care about
The Bad moves help us realise and avoid certain actions which could do more harm and hurt the each other without even knowing
Sometimes we are stuck in stalemate, Good Moves cards are packed with great & beautiful ideas we can use to explore the situation, understand each other and eventually find a way forward
Once we have made a number of Good Moves we can Make Up. This a the most beautiful set of all …. The cycle is complete and the friendship becomes stronger

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Friendship Cards is an innovative idea to help children develop skills to communicate, connect and strengthen their friendship

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There are four stages to follow, Feelings, Bad & Good Moves and Making up

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We are organising various workshops during which we will explain the concept and give each participant a set of cards

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Dedicated for teachers, the focus will be 'train the trainer' on how to the concept can be applied to teach children life skills.

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Children will learn how to use this concept develop their friendship with others, by learning communication and conflict resolution skills.

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For parents who would like to learn an new fun technique which they can play which their children at home.

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Arguing at school

Arguing at School is a project carried out within the Erasmus + KA2 2021 program (Cooperative Partnerships in School Education), by a consortium of 10 partners from 6 countries (Italy, Croatia, Malta, Romania, France, and Belgium).

The duration of the project is from December 2021 to November 2024.

The project is dedicated to the comparison between different methods of approach and management of quarrels between peers (2-18 years). The work between the partners explores the issue of school conflicts and the approaches that adults (teachers and educators) have in these situations.

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Share the idea with your friends

Our wish is to share friendship cards with children all over the world. Can you imagine if all children could learn communication and conflict resolution skills from the time that they are young ? The world would be a better place . This is our contribution to society, help us share it with others …. pay it forward

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