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title cardFriendship Cards are a new educational tool thought to improve the lives of whoever makes use of them. The cards have been developed by Relationships are Forever Foundation, with the intention of helping children and youth develop their abilities to build strong relationships with their families, friends and others that they will come across during the course of their lives.


This project will succeed if every one of us is prepared to offer some of his/her time to help others. Please make use of these cards and share them with your friends.

Strong and happy friendships are based on trust, sharing emotions and different experiences.

The first edition of Friendship Cards is focused on Resolving Conflicts …..


Even if you are really good friends with someone, you can still have arguments or disagreements. That’s no big deal once you understand what’s really going on and how you can work things out together. These cards help you to:

  • Feel comfortable in saying how you feel, talking with each other and finding out what caused the disagreement;
  • Realise that you may have said or done something wrong;
  • Focus on taking positive steps and avoiding hurtful behaviour so that you can make up and be good friends again.

What price would you pay to help a child to develop communication and conflict resolution skills ? It is priceless, so our idea is to make it available children all over the world.  We welcome donations and sponsors to help us along the way …




Julian & Joanna Sant Fournier


Founders of Relationships are Forever Foundation – Voluntary Organisation ID VO/0794



Share the idea with your friends

Our wish is to share friendship cards with children all over the world. Can you imagine if all children could learn communication and conflict resolution skills from the time that they are young ? The world would be a better place . This is our contribution to society, help us share it with others …. pay it forward

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