Feedback from workshop – 29th July 2016

Friendship cards are a great tool for us educators to help children how to resolve conflicts in a positive way!

Elizia Vassallo – Paola Primary ‘B’ School – Head of School


Friendship cards have a great potential to help children become more socially and emotionally intelligent and resilient

Mariella Schembri – Assistant Head – St Dorothy’s School Sliema


Friendship cards are an excellent resource for all people of all ages. An indispensable and empowering tool

Roslyn Spiteri – Education Department – Psychotherapist & Teacher


Try out this effective tool to promote & maintain good relationships

Mary Bonello – Paola Primary ‘B’ School – Assistant Head


Friendship cards provide a visually stimulating tangible tool to work through very real emotions  

Lou Ghirlando – Drama therapist


Friendship cards are interactive, inspiring, thoughtful tool for kids to improve relationships

Anthony Camilleri – YMCA – Psychotherapist


Friendship cards will help children get in touch with their emotions

Krista Rizzo – LSA – St Dorothy’s School Sliema


Very attractive cards, easy to use, a great tool for schools and families

Cristina Barbara – St Therisa Primary School


Great commitment from organizers to help children

Giselle Consiglio  – Chiswick House School – Psychotherapist


Friendship cards are a simple yet an effective way to communicate with children and adolescents

Therese Cini Sarreo – TMCA – Case Manager


Looking forward to attending the parent and child session

Jade Camilleri – San Miguel Primary Education Resource Centre – Learning Support Assistant

Share the idea with your friends

Our wish is to share friendship cards with children all over the world. Can you imagine if all children could learn communication and conflict resolution skills from the time that they are young ? The world would be a better place . This is our contribution to society, help us share it with others …. pay it forward

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