Let’s help – Teacher Experience

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Let’s Help – Teacher Experience


Let’s help is an activity that engaged the five-year-old children I teach in resolving conflict situations that children of the age group often experience.


I prepared a set of illustrations to guide role play and the children participated in small groups. Each group enacted a conflict situation, such as disputing over possessions and refusing to share belongings, which was followed by talking about how the children in the simulated situation felt and what they could do to resolve the conflict.


The activity gave the children the opportunity to use the Friendship Cards purposefully. They selected and sequenced cards from each phase to show how the children were feeling, possible moves they would choose in the given situation, and how they would make friends again.


The Friendship Cards helped the children to talk about the situations and offered them a range of options to choose from while they actively took part in resolving conflicts.



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Our wish is to share friendship cards with children all over the world. Can you imagine if all children could learn communication and conflict resolution skills from the time that they are young ? The world would be a better place . This is our contribution to society, help us share it with others …. pay it forward

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