Teaching the ‘feelings’ vocabulary 

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Teaching the ‘feelings’ vocabulary 


On the board I drew a large circle with two eyes, a nose and a smiley mouth. I then did the same facial gesture and said “I’m happy! Happy, happy, happy”. I got everyone to chorus “happy” and do the facial expression like me. Then I erased the mouth and drew a sad mouth and I taught “sad”. I repeated the same method for the rest of the vocab (hungry, angry, scared, sleepy, and surprised).


“Drawing the faces on the board” ‘


After the introduction I invited the first student up to the front of the class and gave her the marker. I let her choose an emotion to draw in the circle. Whilst doing this, all the other students had to cover their eyes and once she was ready they all opened their eyes and guessed what the emotion is. To prove it, they performed the emotion themselves. All the students had their turn.


Ref 0100 – Share the dream Introduction to Friendship cards

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